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This section we’re going to talk about what I do for a living and how you can get better. It’ll be filled with things I put up myself and recommended resources I’ve used. I’ll try and take you from beginner to intermediate. I would say I could get you to Senior Dev level, but that will be on you to do.


The languages I’ll be covering are

  • PHP
  • Swift
  • Node.js
  • Javascript
  • React

With these languages we will use Laravel (PHP Framework) to build exciting applications. I’m actually taking a Udacity class on iOS programming currently, so we’ll use Swift to build iPhone applications. We’ll build in live data streams using WebSockets, Redis, React and PHP to make something similar to Robinhood.

I hope to also offer enough starting material so that you can learn from scratch. I have a couple of videos ready to upload to help you get started. First off you’ll need a code editor and I recommend Visual Studio Code. You can check out my video below for download instructions/tips for it.

Code Editor Download and Tips

Next you should check out my “Getting Started” Video. This will cover the basics of where you should begin and how to begin.

Getting your computer set up

After you’ve followed the two videos above, you should have your system set up to start coding. I’m going to be posting more videos that will take you through coding from beginner to intermediate. But in the meantime I’m adding some resources below that could help you start.


Just as a preemptive measure, I AM NOT an affiliate for any of these items below. I’ve used them personally and recommend them solely from my own use.

Firstly, we have one of my favorite and most resourcessful sites for PHP and the framework Laravel.


I’ve been a member of Laracasts for 3+ years and for 9$ a month, 86$ a year or 350$ for a lifetime, I won’t be leaving anytime soon. This is a GREAT resource for beginning/intermediate/senior developers. I would highly recommend it!

Secondly, we have a more expensive but very informative class set up.


Udacity is a VERY good online class set up. They’ll even help you to set up your resume after you finish one of their NanoDegrees. I’m currently taking their iOS course for iPhone apps and have taken some of their free courses previously. The only thing is….. They’re pretty expensive. Its worth it, but definitely make sure you’re committed before diving head first.

Thirdly we have a great resource that not many people know about.

Tuts Plus

Envato is a great resource for any freelance developers. For $16.50 a month or close to $200 a year, you get access to photos, graphic templates, logos, plugins, web templates and more. I use this constantly and have been a memeber for 3-4 years. The courses they have are very informative and they even have free books you can use to grow your knowledge.

Lastly, but not least, we have something thats a great resource but I don’t have any courses I can immediately recommend.


I’ve used Udemy in the past and the only thing I can say is

  1. Be on the lookout for whether other people liked the courses or not
  2. Don’t buy ANY courses for 100$+ because they always have deals later on where the courses go down to 20$ or less.

I do hope to one day create my own course and throw it up there, but who knows when that will happen. I’ve used udemy to get my feet wet and start out on new ventures, but never for PHP. If I ever do find classes I like for programming in PHP, React, JS or other I’ll be sure to let you know.

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