5 Tools To Make You More Motivated

Welp, it’s almost the new year and it’s about to be time for the “new year, new me” pump up speech that we all give ourselves. If you’re anything like me, you’ve given yourself that speech a million times. 2020 is a new year though, hell its a new decade. I read this on twitter “If you were born in the 80’s and are reading this, you’ve lived in 4 different decades, 2 different centuries and 2 different millenia’s and you’re not even 40 yet.”

If you’re like me and out of your 20’s and need some sort of motivation (because you think you’re out of your prime) look no further late start and mid-life crisis motivator. No matter what happens, it’s not too late to start working on your side project. No matter if its just writing a page a day (if you’re a writer), if it’s spending 30 minutes coding (if you’re a programmer) or even if its 30 minutes working out (if you’re like anyone) the key is to just start. Starting can be the hardest part sometimes. I hope that these items below could help get you motivated and keep you on the path!

1. Inspirational Youtube Videos

Thats right, I said Youtube videos! Here are a selection of youtube videos below that I find REALLY motivating! If you don’t feel like taking action after watching some of these videos, then I’m not sure this post will help you at all.

These are some of my favorite videos, but there are so many inspirational videos out there that can help you get up off your ass and start fighting for what you want.

2. The Freedom Journal

The key to starting large tasks and changing is to not get overwhelmed in thinking about what you want to accomplish. You, literally, just have to roll up your sleeves and start working. Don’t think too far into the future and just take it day by day. If you look at the mountain from a distance, you’ll never reach the peak. You need to take it step by step focusing on the current days goals and the next thing you know, you’re at the peak.

This planner is a 100 day planner. It helps you break down your goals into achievable bite-sized chunks. You won’t be sorry you bought this book, I’m currently on my second and will most likely get a third after that one.

3. The Miracle Morning

If you don’t know this guys story, you absolutely need to get this book. If this post is about motivation, I don’t know how much more motivation I can give you other than this man right here. Hal was at the top of his life (top salesman, won a major sales award) and got into a terrible car accident. The accident was so bad he had to learn how to walk again and restart his life. Not only that, but he even, more recently, had a battle with cancer that he WON! He has been knocked down more times than most people, but unlike most people he pulled himself up no matter what was pushing him down.

This book isn’t just about his life, its about motivating yourself in the morning to get work done. I would highly recommend using this book in practice with the freedom journal above. For a couple months after reading this book, I was so excited to get up in the morning. I was waking up at 4:30 am. I would meditate, workout, program an hour on my side projects, take a shower, make breakfast and be ready for work all before 8 am. This book is amazing!

4. Motivation Partner

This doesn’t have to be a spouse or significant other, this can be a friend or even acquaintance. The key is to talk to someone about your idea and get it out there. The more you talk about it to someone the more you’ll want to make it come true. There is a catch to this though, don’t talk about things you haven’t done yet as if you’ve already done them.

A while back I was working on a mobile application that, in my mind, was going to make me millions and, more important, fill a need for hundreds of thousands of people. I was waking up at 4:30 in the morning, working my ass off at least 3 hours a day on this thing for a month. I was all the way into beta testing, still had a long way to go, and was feeling great about it. I decided to go out with some friends for a drink one night and proceeded to talk about the app as if it were already finished and all the things I had been working on were already complete. This decimated my motivation. But why, why would this crush motivation and lead you to not working on it anymore you ask? It’s little known that if you haven’t completed a task or project but get praise for what you’re doing/working on, your brain treats it the same as if it were completed. This releases the endorphins that would normally be released when you actually accomplish it.

So the key about a motivation partner is to have someone who will hold you accountable for things and not give you praise for tasks not yet completed. They’ll be there to help push you when you say “I don’t feel like working on this” or “I’m too tired”, they’ll be there to say “Shut up, get to work”. Again this might not hit you right away, but it will at least get you in your seat in front of your tasks. Sometimes just being in front of your tasks will make you want to start working on them. The question is, how bad do you want to reach your goal? Because its all on you in the end ultimately!

5. Set Hours

Setting hours is one of the most important things you can do. You need to have a routine and try to stick to it as much as possible. Cut yourself some slack from time to time, but always try to accomplish at least 1 thing a day towards your goal. If you set hours, you will accomplish more and more because as Ben Affleck once said in Boiler Room “motion creates emotion”. When you start working on something, you’ll just catch a full head of steam and continue to plow through. Next thing you know, you’ve been working for 2 hours and you’ve done alot! I don’t have kids, so its easy for me to stick to my hours, but when it comes to these hours Pat Flynn has even said he works late at night when his kids are asleep, or as the book above talks about you can do it early in the morning before they’re awake.

Set the hours, sit down in your chair, and do the work! I’m writing this now after having dinner with my family and not wanting to really write, but I started and already feel better about it. I am going to continue to do work after writing this post and 1 day I’ll be able to celebrate with my family more because I’ll have the freedom to do so. The goal is to get you up off your ass by doing whatever it takes. I’m writing this article to push myself to get started, what will you do?

I hope this post finds you well and I hope these things motivates you to start the new year right! Lets make 2020 the most successful year of our lives! Happy New Year, from my family to yours!